Ecessa’s powerful Gig+ appliances are the most advanced SD-WAN controllers in the PowerLink® and WANworX® families. Bigger, faster and better than ever. 

  • Take full advantage of Gigabit circuits
  • Easily add new bandwidth - combine up to 25 ISP/WAN links
  • Leverage ALL your bandwidth - up to 20 Gbps total throughput
  • Actively use your "backup" circuit
  • Avoid outages with automatic failover
  • Make apps run better with Quality of Service, traffic shaping and inbound/outbound load balancing
  • Increase security with a built-in Layer 7 Next Generation Firewall and VPN capabilities
  • Eliminate dropped calls with SIP features and packet duplication
  • Get Never Down® network reliability

Download our High Bandwidth solutions data sheet here. 

As your need for bandwidth grows, so does your need for rock solid reliability. Ensure 100% access to your data center and cloud resources with Ecessa.

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