Record of Innovation

In the early 2000’s, Ecessa introduced our first appliance-based WAN link failover and load balancing technology that provided networks greater reliability, bandwidth, security and redundancy. We did this initially with PowerLink™ and soon after added the ClariLink™ line which added VOIP failover to the product portfolio. In 2012 Ecessa launched the WANWorX™ products which provide Software-Defined-Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) functionality with the most cost effective, scalable and flexible next generation technology on the market. At its core, WANworX™ boosts the performance and reliability of private, public and hybrid cloud networks.

Today, we are an industry leader with a record of innovation and best in class customer service. Our appliance-based WAN link failover, load balancing and SD-WAN products enhance network reliability, increase bandwidth, provide redundancy and greatly improve application performance for businesses around the world. Ecessa is a technology leader, and with over 10,000 units in the field, we have helped the IT managers at single sites, small and medium enterprises and Fortune 1000 organizations make sure their networks are Never Down™.

  • PowerLink- load balancing, failover, traffic shaping, VPN and basic firewall
  • ClariLink- all of the above plus SIP proxy for in-call failover
  • WANworX- all of the above plus SD-WAN for true Never Down networking