Get an Edge on the Competition with Ecessa Edge

Channel partners told us that every organization that connects to the Internet or uses hosted VoIP and other cloud apps needs network redundancy and resilience - but many small businesses can't justify the expense of a robust Ecessa device. That's why we made Ecessa Edge™. All the best Ecessa features scaled - and priced right - for small businesses. You provision up to three ISP links, and for $50 a month* Ecessa Edge makes the magic happen.  So many benefits for such a low price.

Stay Connected with Automatic Failover and Failback


  • Automatic Failover
  • Route traffic away from poor performing ISP links
    and back when normal service resumes

Increase Your Bandwidth


  • Combine up to three ISP link
  • Leverage ANY service

Reduce Costs, Improve RO


  • Include lower cost broadband
  • Put idle backup ISP links to use
  • See reports on network performance

Improve Application Quality


  • Traffic routes over best performing pat
  • Use QoS rules to prioritize business critical traffic